Our Vision

Community as an Verb

At Melanated Cares, we dream of a world where nature brings us together, where every person finds support, and where our communities grow strong and united. We see a future filled with wellness, where everyone's mental health matters and diversity is our strength.

Us in Action

Don't talk about it....Be about it! Melanated Cares in action

2023Educational Growth in Haiti

Discover our journey to Haiti where we built a school garden, planting seeds of knowledge and hope in young minds. See how this green space is transforming education and offering new learning experiences to children.

2023 & 2024Faith in Action

Our contributions to various church organizations reflect our commitment to nurturing spiritual health and community well-being. See the difference these donations are making in people’s lives.

2024Addressing Homelessness in Atlanta

Get involved in our 2024 Campout dedicated to shedding light on Atlanta's homelessness crisis. Learn how we're using this event to raise awareness, inspire action, and foster community support to tackle this challenge head-on.

2024Community Drive

Melanated Cares loves the kids. Help us empower them to do their best as we kick off the new school year.

2024Small Business Empowerment Session (2024)

Be a part of our session aimed at connecting and uplifting local entrepreneurs. Witness how we help small businesses flourish, contributing to the economic vitality of our communities.

2024Men's Mental Health Campout (2024

Mental health matters! Join us in our upcoming campout focused on men's mental health. A space for sharing, learning, and supporting each other in the journey towards mental wellness


What’s the scoop on Melanated Cares' impact in the community?

We're all about sparking positive change! Whether we’re turning a little dirt into a thriving school garden, gathering folks around the campfire to chat about important issues, or helping local entrepreneurs shine, we’re here to uplift and unite. Join us and be part of something that's bigger than all of us where every little bit leads to big smiles and strong communities.

I’m pretty new to the whole camping thing. Can I still join in the fun?

Of course! Whether you’re a pro with a tent or can’t tell a sleeping bag from a backpack, we’ve got you covered. Our events are a judgment-free zone, perfect for anyone eager to dip their toes into the great outdoors. And for those who prefer the great indoors, we’ve got plenty of cozy, indoor events too. So, come as you are, and let’s make some memories!

How can I lend a hand to Melanated Cares?

We love helping hands! Your time, donations, or a simple share of our mission can do wonders. Email [email protected] to sign up to volunteer. Every little bit you contribute goes a long way in keeping our community programs buzzing and our wellness initiatives thriving. Let’s make magic happen together!

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